Saturday, 30 March 2013

Pushover parents, pampered children


Parents are now easily giving in to their children, pampering them. This overprotectiveness could actually lead to them being dysfunctional in society when they grow up. Children are now adorned with the latest everything from the gadgets to fashion, anything they ask for comes true by their parents. Parents find themselves unable to decline the requests and work hard to fulfil them. In society now, there are young people who can't stick to their jobs as they were pampered so much that they knew nothing about labouring.

I am not really surprised about this article and fully agree with the fact that parents are spoiling their children. It is true that many parents who both work, give into their children's unreasonable wishes so as to make up for the time missed with them. However, I find this reason for parents to pamper their children cowardly, and parents are guilty of it. This would led to their children having the mindset that their parents are just people who give into them and that their friends are their true "family". The original meaning of pampering children is thus backfired, children become self-absorbed and could care less about their parents. I believe that parents who overindulge in their children should stop as nothing good would come out of it.

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