Saturday, 30 March 2013

News Review: Teachers blame poor parenting for chaos in class- By Kay Ray

According to recent surveys, students are more chaotic in classes due to the poor laws laid down at home. Nearly four out of five who responded pinned the blame on a lack of boundaries placed on pupils while at home. Many teachers agree there is a great rise in mental, behavioural or health issues compared to previous years. One revealed that she had been faced with "the most challenging reception pupil I have encountered in my 20 years of teaching". "He did not comply with a single instruction- even to sit on the mat for a story," she added. Other teachers complained being "cyber-bullied" by their students.

I think that the children are being more disruptive during lessons are partially due to their parents laying poor laws at home. Another reason is due to the games they play, whether online or video games. Or the television programmes they watch. These games may lead to the disruptive tendencies that are seen in classes. The children are henced influenced by these behaviours of characters in the video games. They may also learn the disruptive behaviour from the roles of certain actors or actresses in the programme.

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