Saturday, 2 March 2013

Crazy for Gold BY CLARA

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SUMMARY: China would be counted as the most prideful country, especially when it comes to sports.  Young children such as Chen Yun, are engaging in sports training at the age of fourteen. Chen Yun's goal is to become a gold medalist in the Olympics and make her country proud. They have become pawns for China in chasing gold medals, aiming to become stronger.
OPINION: After reading this article, I think China is taxing their people on sports and are brainwashing them. Aiming for good results in the Olympics needs a lot of hard work but I believe what China does to young children just to achieve that is very disturbing. Telegraph has reported just before the 2008 Beijing Olympics questioning whether sports schools in China are torturing or training them. At least 600 children from ages of 6 are being sent to sports schools, becoming serious business. The parents are willing to not the see their children in hope of China reaping impressive awards at the Olympics to come. A school has promising results of gold medalists for China however, behind all these are disgusting truths. Students in there are pushed over their limits and even abused. Doping students with stimulants was found in another sports school. The future for these Chinese athletes is also very bleak. They could either be continuously training just to win gold medals or leave without any life skills. Many become factory workers, promises of becoming police officers are often broken. In the end, they all face the suffering of chronic health problems in result of over-training. Winning pride and glory for your country is encouraged but I hope China take into consideration what the Chinese child-athletes are going through for that. Being crazy for good is not good, if you are rising your own people. The competitive level of sports in China should drop when it goes to such measures as it would not bring anything other than a "sports machine"

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