Friday, 15 March 2013

Gifted or Just Well-Prepared? by KAY RAY

The New York City Education Department announced that it was changing part of its admissions exam for its gifted and talented programs last year. This would be changing exams in many private schools in New York City. It has now become an endless contest for administrators as they are seeking authentic measures of intelligence as companies are aiming to bring out the genius in every child. Private schools are even considering abolishing this test as some schools are corrupted. The number of children who qualified for the gifted and talented kindergarten in 2012-13 was doubled as compared to five years ago.
I think that the children in New York City should not be put to such tests to measure their intelligence. The children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood when they still can and when their innocent, as they may not have the chance anymore when they grow up and they have no time. They are still innocent and should be allowed to rest and play at home. The education department of New York City should too, abolish these tests though they can help children who are truly gifted to fully use their potential. But children who are not as talented would then feel bad as they, at such a tender age, would not understand and may think they are not as intelligent.

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