Saturday, 16 March 2013

Learning for life by CLARA

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Summary: Unlike Singapore, there is no such thing as tuition in Finland. Everyday after school, students immediately go out to , except for students taking their nationals. No one takes tuition there, teachers have remedial classes for those who are weaker. Finland students have a clear line between studying and free time, school is the only for studying. Even Singapore's mandatory CCAs (co-curricular activities) are treated as hobbies in Finland. Singapore and Finland's studying system are worlds apart in the way they teach and parents in the latter care for the teachers' welfare.
Opinion: After reading about how Finnish schools educate their students, I was really impressed and I hope Singapore would take after them in some aspects. Regarding CCA's I do not think that the CCA points system should be implied. CCA, as MOE (Ministry of Education) is for students to pick up skills and enjoy themselves after a hectic day at school, not to be chasing after points. It should be treated as a hobby or time when students can break free from books and learn by having fun, as it is in Finland. Finland also has a inclusive study environment for their students, Singapore should learn after them. In Singaporean schools, there is always a "best" class, where students with the same level of ability are grouped together, Finland does not. I think not having the best class in schools should be encouraged, students are able to stretch their abilities that way. Streaming students is a harsh way of teaching students, teachers are supposed to teacher every single child, not only those who excel. Having to study with students of different abilities has guided students more and those who are better can learn by teaching their peers, as according to a Finnish student.

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