Monday, 24 October 2016

When video games become an addiction

According to research, roughly 8.5% percent of children who play video games in the United States are addicted. He found similar numbers across the world.about 4 and 10 percent: that's the amount of gamers I would classify as addicted."This is why we're seeing Internet Gaming Disorder becoming a bigger problem because now, not only has almost everyone got a computer, and almost everyone has a video game system in their home ... but now you've got a cell phone and you've got games on it and you can access games pretty much everywhere."

i agree with what the research have said.As now a days children tend to be addicted to video games or handphone games. for example, when i was going to school. i will see school mates walking and playing their handphone, they cannot leave thier handphone game aside while walking into the school gate. this show us that video games are making people become addicted and risking their own life.

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