Monday, 24 October 2016

Gamer at risk

According to the news, four in 10 gamers at risk of addiction. people are gaming for long hours, without any rest. This will lead to health problems for gaming a long time, as they are addicted to the game. Gamming also leads to more hostility and financial problems.

I agree with gamers at risk of addicition as more people are addicted to play games longer.As a video games are fun and interesting, therefore once a player get addicted to the game, the player will play the game for a longer period. For example, when my friend introduce me to fifa online 3, i got addicted to it. the game was so fun that i played it for more than three hours without any rest, but when i was tired and trying to get up from my seat i could not do so. I felt pain in my legs and hands, as i had sat for a long period. Hence, i agree that gamers at risk of addicition.

New words:
obsessing: engrass
indulge: give in
plonk: dump

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