Friday, 21 October 2016

Gamer At Risk

Four in ten gamers face addiction,getting addicted could lead to conflicts with families and the need to play more to relieve stress. Gaming addiction is something which is only starting to be common many still do not know how to deal with these patients. Although limiting the amount of time they spend on games limiting them too much may also not be good as playing too little thus they may have pent up frustration.

I think we should not limit the amount of time spent on games too much. Controlling teens excessively could lead to aggression. "Those who played for under an hour daily were more aggressive than those who played for one to five hours." This shoes that even though we limit them it might not be good as they may feel as if they are unable to get sufficient game satisfaction and would want to play more. It is better to have an agreed time or target to accomplish before stopping. Hence, I feel that although we should try to limit the time spent on games we should not limit them too much.

5 new words:
Obsessing - preoccupy
Most wired nation - most connected community
Strong correlation - Strong interrelationship
Increased hostility - more aggressive
Hardcore gamers - dedicated gamers

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