Monday, 24 October 2016

Mass media by Ryan

Mass media exposure


Adults and teens has committed to spend the next five months enjoying themselves
and not going to work at all,according to the 2007 U.S. Census Bureau's Statistical Abstract of the United States.This shows that media is also harming people besides being convenient.The worst part is that parents are influencing young kids to take on media,affecting their future.Researchers have to start looking into the problem and solve the problem.


From my opinion,I totally agree with the researchers.Mass media has taken to extreme harm and we have to prevent that from happening .If not,it might affect the future of our society and people might be addicted to social media.So it is best to find out the problem and try to solve it.For example,my friend confessed that he always surf the internet 2 to 3 hours everyday.Hence,this shows that mass media is a danger to us.

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