Friday, 1 August 2014

How to teach children computer programming


Students around the globe are now learning computer programming from an earlier age, from Australia’s new national curriculum that will have pupils learning the subject from kindergarten to similar classes at primary schools in Vietnam.Most of the countries, programming — colloquially known as coding — is becoming part of the national curriculum, but It is not happening in Singapore yet, though there are still many moves towards introducing coding in schools.

The United Kingdom has taken it a big step further. In September, England will become the first country to mandate coding classes in primary schools. Pupils aged five to seven will learn algorithms and simple programming, said the BBC. By the age of 11, pupils will design “computational abstractions that model real-world problems”.
In Australia many nations following suit, with implementation of its new Digital Technologies curriculum under way.
And in the United States, a push from the technology industry has led to 20,000 teachers from kindergarten onwards introducing coding lessons recently. Thirty school districts, including New York and Chicago, are adding coding to their curriculum.

I think this is also a good way , as this maybe reduce students from bringing many books to school. this program also give students a benefit and debenefit. to my opinion I think this is a good way for students as this can help them in their studies.

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