Monday, 11 August 2014

Professor sacked over second child

Summary: A university professor in Guangzhou has been fired following accusations he broke the one-child policy, the latest academic to lose his job over the issue.He has violated the one-child policy and should be sacked in accordance with Guangdong's family planning regulations.His first child was born in the United States in 2007 when he was working overseas and the other in Tianjin in 2010. His first child is an American citizen and his second is registered to live on the mainland under the hukou system. They allowed mainlanders studying overseas to have a second child as long as they stayed abroad for over a year. He should be covered by the exception because the couple stayed in the US for two years, she said.

Opinion: I think that the university professor in Guangzhou should not have been fired as the China government rules is not very clear as he specify in the passage that he gave birth in the USA as he has stayed there for at least 1 year to give birth and he did stay there for 2 years and then he gave birth to his second child in China.

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