Thursday, 24 July 2014

Allow the use of dialects on television

Summary: As a young adult Singaporean, I support the focus on Mandarin and English in schools. This move has enabled me to attain proficiency in both languages.Contrary to impeding one’s learning of Mandarin, having a foundation in dialect at home when one is young would actually be beneficial to the learning of Mandarin as dialects and Mandarin belong to the same language family. Linguistic research has shown that a proficient Hokkien speaker, drawing on analogies between the two languages, would be able to predict the Mandarin tonal pronunciation of a given word 90 per cent of the time.Also, by allowing dialects on television, young people can pick up the basics and this will enable them to communicate with their grandparents.

In My Opinion: I do not think that we should learn other dialects as we should just concentrate on studies and excel in it.We should not learn as we would get ourselves confused but on the other hand, we should also learn for communication as well as to broaden our horizons.

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