Saturday, 9 August 2014

Experts Offer Their Guidance for Dealing With Online Bullying

Online bullying is a common thing that's always happen and this story will tell u more about preventing ourself from getting bullied. As a social networking site predominately used by teens we understand that we need to take special care of our users and we take that responsibility extremely seriously. We ensure that our users have simple and effective tools to protect themselves from unwanted content and contacts and we have developed internal safety protocols to detect and remove upsetting content.Social networking sites have made cruelty and meanness public. Previously these acts were invisible, now they are at display to all. There are different views on what to do with this visibility. While we understand that some groups want to restrict social media, we believe that this visibility should be used to understand the behavior and issues of young people in order to elaborate meaningful responses for families, schools, communities and social media.This isn’t about about anonymous apps. It’s about being able to share and not worrying about the drama and the negative feedback that comes with sharing. A negative message that is one-to-one might sting a little bit but at least you weren’t humiliated in front of a large audience. With these public apps, not only are kids humiliated in front of strangers, but they go to school and are humiliated there, too.Teens can act this way because, brain-development wise, the parts of a teen’s brain that control cognitive decision-making are not as well-formed as the emotional areas of the brain. On a social and emotional level they haven’t dealt with these types of issues and don’t fully understand the consequences of their actions.
Most of us know that online bully is very common so we must protect our self from getting hurt online. If u yourself is being bullied, don't keep it to yourself and tell an person u trust the most to help u deal with it . lastly don't attack back as this may lead to other accidents. my opinions are prevent yourself from getting bully online .

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