Sunday, 13 July 2014

Singapore youth have it too easy?

a) Summary

  More than half of the pre-enlistees seemed to have some form of physical problem, mostly a minor one. They complained to the medical officers (MOs) about sweaty palms, fatigue and beathless when they exercised for extended periods of time, and pain in their arm and knee joints.
  Members of Parliament to MOs, saying that pre-enlistees have requested to be excused from national service or to be given an easier service vocation.

  You see teenagers getting plumper, you see fewer people actively participating in menial tasks or jobs. Students find it hard and tiring to simply sweep the floor or empty the bin. They complain that it is dirty, disgusting and gross. They` re so sheltered and well taken care of that they are unable to fend for themselves. Nowadays, parents give in more and spare the rod, resulting in children believing they can have whatever they please.

  Also, we emphasise the importance of top talent in holding top leadership roles, but ironically, a single-minded pursuit of a academics that relegates rough-and-tumble qualities like grit and gruel to the periphery. The paradox of moving forward in efficacy is the regression of resilience.

b) Opinion: Do you agree?

  I agree that Singapore youths have it too easy as simple things like sweeping the floor would make them complain and be tired. This shows a spoilt behaviour displayed by the youths. If this kind of situation goes on, more and more people will become lazy.

  Also, I think Singapore young adults are very pampered as they have to rely on their parents a lot even though they can support themselves. For example, Miss Acelyn Ong earns a few thousand dollars per month and yet does not give her parents any money. Moreover, her father still pays for her telephone bill, she is also living in a flat with her parents. This shows that Singapore youths, or young adults, live their lives too easy and rely on their parents too much.

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