Friday, 11 July 2014

singapore youth have it too easy?

A-summory(find 8-10)
In a day, there is about average of 120 pre-enlistess recruit coming in for their medical check-ups and half of them seemed to have some form of physical problem, but mostly are a minor one. Some of them also complained to get medical officers(MOs) like sweaty plams, pain in their arm and knee joints and others. members of parliament write to MOs to excused some pre-enlistess from national  service to be given an easier service vocation. If teenagers keep continue to be like this , a high chance of them will be plumber and we can see fewer people actively parting in medical task or jobs. Nowadays overseas children which are 10 years old are even tougher than our teenagers who are nearly twice their age. Some of them find it hard and tiring to simply sweep the floor or empty the bin and they complain it is disgusting, dirty and gross. They are too sheltered and well taken care of that they are not able to fend themselves. I think parents must give in more and space the rod, resulting in children.

B-opinion- do you agree(use peel)
I agree that Singapore young adults have it too easy, as they to depend on their parents. Singapore young adults are afraid of failure and like to do things of their comfort zone. An indian national employer reported that young adults need their parents to accompany them to job interviews and even pick them up after work. Hence this shows that one young adults are very pampered by their parents.

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