Sunday, 22 February 2015

Respecting Elderlies

One day, all of us will get old. It might seem obvious to treat the elderly with care and patience, but sadly this is not the case in most scenarios. Above all, we have to learn to appreciate their knowledge, wisdom, grace and fortitude.
Firstly, we tend to associate being older with being outdated. This is hugely mistaken, as some elderlies might have worked with computers when they were younger, and would have more experience on how to use them. If they do not understand something and proceed to ask you, we must answer to our best knowledge.
Secondly, we have to start noticing elderlies around us. In their own way, they are contributing to our society, and are to be respected, even admired. We also have to care for them, as they might not be as physically able as us.
Lastly, we should not assume that they are helpless, but instead, we should share our personal memories with them. If we are lucky enough, we might even get to hear their precious experiences in the past, and compare it with present life.

We have to respect the elderlies' knowledge, wisdom, and experience but sadly, most youths these days tend to look down on the elderly, sometimes even taking advantage of them. Although it might seem a world away to us, we must always remember that we too will one day get old, and should treat the elderly exactly how you would want your grandchildren to treat you. We should also not be impatient as them, as unlike us, they did not grow up with electronics surrounding them. In recent years, many digital breakthroughs have been made, but we have to remember that even though we are accustomed to them, our elders aren't, as in their childhood, games meant playing outdoors.

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