Friday, 20 February 2015

How To Respect Older People

SUMMARY: Everyone will be a elder one day. Respecting their wisdom, knowledge, grace and fortitude should come second nature to younger generations but it isn't always the case. We should always consistently remind ourselves the importance of respecting elders. Firstly, we should reflect on our ageism. We always think that old means outdated and a lot of assumptions are made about aging and most of these assumptions are unhelpful generalizations that prevent connection and knowledge sharing. We should start throwing aside assumptions about people based upon their age. No matter our age, we are still unique individuals, with the same range of values, gifts and flaws as any other person.
Many retired people still continue to work in their field, often for free, contribute to world knowledge. Others are taking considerable care of grandchildren or other people's children through care arrangements in home or at childcare centres, ensuring that the next generation is getting the best start possible in life.Be considerate of older people's well-being and show respect through manners that acknowledge the greater breadth of wisdom and life experience of each older person. Avoid assuming helplessness and help aging people keep their autonomy as long as possible by not doing things for them that they can do for themselves. All in all, we should care for our elderly more as they are aging and all they wish for is someone to accompany them.

OPINION: I think that respecting the elderly plays an important part in our lives as it brings out the compassion and respect in us. We should treat them the same way in which others would treat us when we are older. We should not belittle the old aged, thinking that they are useless and are only a burden. On the brighter side, they can help the society with their past knowledge and their efforts to bring up what the world is like today.

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