Thursday, 5 February 2015

Fiona Ong, environment

Quite a few species of trees are on the verge  of extinction due to rapid deforestation and climate change. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)'s research shows that only about 3% of the world's tree species are actively managed. The FAO have even formed a plan to save species of trees from extinction. However, governments also have to follow that plan of action in order for it to work. There are many benifits we take from trees. Some trees have medicinal value while others are a type of staple food for us. Furthermore, if the trees become extinct, the entire ecosystem might be affected. 
I feel that the governments should take action to protect the nature. We have learned so much from nature. We should give back to it in some ways or at least try to preserve it. If we continue deforestation, the climate might become too unbearable and most of the trees might be cut down. If we continue deforestation at this rate, our future generations might not be able to see any more rainforests. 

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