Thursday, 22 January 2015

Middle East Conflict by Jian Xiang

SUMMARY: About 400,000 of Gaza's residents were displaced by Israel's recent 50-day 

military operation. Some 18,000 homes were also destroyed and many more were 

damaged. One of the worst affected neighbourhoods was Shejaiya, near the eastern border,

 where the Israeli military says it targeted Palestinian militants and their tunnels. On the 

night of Saturday 19 July, Shejaiya was attacked by heavy artillery, mortars and air 

strikes sending up columns of thick, black smoke. Within a day, dozens of Palestinians and 

at least 13 Israeli soldiers were killed. There was a chaotic scene as thousands of locals 

tried to flee to Gaza City. It was a place where they could seek shelter at United Nation`s 

schools and Shifa hospital. There at that time were many casualties. Soon, battles were 

erupted between the Islamic troops and Hama militants in the streets. Through this attack 

on Shejaiya, many became homeless and the houses would take a very long time to be 

rebuilt. After this 50 days of terror, the conflict have finally ended with a truce. However,

the damage has already been done.

OPINION: I think that this massive destruction could have been avoided if both countries 

had talked over nicely. Had not been so rash, they would not have angered others and thus, 

retaliated the attack. It would be so much more peaceful and less painful as both sides 

suffered heavy losses. We should all learn from this incident and not to start such a conflict.

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