Thursday, 29 January 2015

Ebola crisis by Clarice

Ebola is a widespread virus disease. It was founded in 1976 with a total of 22,091 suspected cases and 8,810 deaths. It began in the Sub Saharan Africa and in December 2013 was spread to Guinea. The early symptoms of the Ebola virus include - fever, severe headache, joint and muscle aches, chills and weakness. Overtime, the symptoms become increasingly severe they include - nausea and vomiting, diarrhea that might contain blood, red eyes, raised rash, chest pain and cough, stomach pain, severe weight loss bleeding mainly in the eyes, bruising, and internal bleeding. Some people are not taught about Ebola, therefore cannot handle it and prevent it from infecting them.
In my opinion, ways to prevent getting sick are to watch your personal hygiene. We should also be considerate, for instance u have caught a cold. You should be considerate and cover your mouth and nose with a mask when you are outdoors. This will reduce the amount of germs in the air, which will reduce the amount of people getting sick.

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