Sunday, 25 January 2015

'Human tetris' jam at Lakeside Mrt platform by Kent

Link : video

Summary: During the peak hour at Lakeside Mrt platform commuters on a particular train  were instructed to get off , and at the very same time, a new batch of commuters were heading to the platform on the escalator . Thus , this lead to the platform to be fully packed. People were just non-stop taking the escalator up the platform , not knowing what was happening. When they reached the end of the escalator, they were forced to squeeze into the crowd. This gone on for 30 secs and one of the commuter taped it down . The SMRT staff then took action and stopped the escalator .

Opinion: I feel that the SMRT did not do their job professionally and ending up causing commuters hurt . I feel that they should have planned well on where to ask the commuters to alight the train especially during peak hours. This incident has left a very bad impression to the public. 

Why is this so important to us , especially Singapore : I personally feel that this matter is important as many of the public in Singapore uses this type of transport to travel around. Mostly uses it during peak hours , example to work or going back home. This incident may have lead to injuries or may cause death if there were no security and boundaries . People may just fall into the tracks or may cause people to stomp onto each other. Secondly , it gives a very bad impression to foreigners who are taking the same transport. They may feel or think that Singapore is a very rowdy and unorganised country . Hopefully this problem doesn't come again and if it does , hopefully SMRT and commuters are able to solve it in a professional and safe way.            

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