Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Singapore's Instant Noodle Generation

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Summary: More and more children in Singapore are being pampered and many have maids to look after them. Such teenagers do not need to perform even the simplest of chores, and as such have no ability to do things on their own. This problem is so severe that even Singapore's leaders have spoken up about it, going on about how Singaporean youth have grown up pampered and how they should be taught self-reliance. To attempt to solve this problem, a government task force called Remaking Singapore was set up to teach Singaporeans not to focus on just the 5 Cs.

Opinion: I feel that Singaporean youth should not be overly pampered as this can cause them to grow up to become people who are unable to look after themselves. By not letting their children complete chores, parents are letting their children miss out on opportunities to learn responsibility and self independence. These values are essential for grown up life and must be developed in order for a child to succeed. I suggest that parents have a part-time maid to help out with the harder chores while the children help out with the smaller tasks.

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