Friday, 26 April 2013

Strawberry Generation in Singapore

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Summary: Many say that our youth are soft and crushable like strawberries and lack the toughness of the older generations. According to surveys conducted, only 60% of the surveyed youth were able to perform the simple task of cooking a meal for themselves. Some people interviewed thought that youths  are too sheltered and have not been given the opportunity to face challenges by themselves. Even Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong recently put emphasis on the need for Singapore to have tough youths that are able to turn into leaders.

Opinion: I agree with the article that today's teens are too "soft". I have seen many examples that prove this is true. One such example is when I see some of my school mates having their grandparents or helpers carry their school bags for them. Another infamous example is the picture of a NS man whose helper was helping him carry his army pack that surfaced on the internet. All of these prove that my generation is too soft. I feel that parents should not be overly-protective of their children and should allow them to face hardships on their own to help the develop independence.

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