Monday, 10 June 2013

Pushover parents, pampered children

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Summary: Children nowadays are overly pampered and have better material goods than adults. Whatever they demand from their parents, they get. Their parents give in easily to their temper tantrums and grant them anything they want, as doing otherwise would be unthinkable. Parents say that they feel coerced to give their children what they want when they see their children upset. As a result, more and more children feel that they are owed a living and grow up lacking responsibility and the ability to look after themselves.

Opinion: I think that parents should stop being pushovers and should not give in no matter how hard it seems. Doing so will only make their children feel like they are the bosses and that they should be cared for. Although they may think they are doing their children good, the parents are actually making grown up life for their child harder. Children who cannot handle stress and manage responsibilities have a tough life ahead of them.

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