Friday, 12 April 2013

News Article: Climate Change- By Lim Kay Ray

Global warming is a serious environmental threat to both animals and Man at the same time in this time and age. The sea levels are rising and the waters are getting warmer. Longer, more intense droughts threaten crops, wildlife and freshwater supply. This is caused due to the excessive greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, traps heat in the atmosphere by regulating our climate.

I think that scientist should find a way to replace the use of fossil fuels and will thus decrease produce of greenhouse gases. Industrial factories should consider natural, renewable resources like solar energy, wind energy and kinetic energy from running water. These sources of energy are renewable and do not harm the environment, but they may be more costly than burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels take a long time to recover and may not recover fast enough as they are used and burnt at a rapid rate.

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