Sunday, 15 March 2015

Fast-ageing population in Singapore

Singaporeans are growing older but there are less babies produced. Hence, the elderly will only increase while the number of young people will decrease, leading to less people in Singapore. As there are increasing number of people aged 65 and above, government should invest more in elder-friendly facilities. Furthermore, the number of citizens in the working age band of 20 to 64 needed to support one older citizen- is decreasing rapidly.

I think government need to have some solutions for this situation as it will become worse as the time flies. If nobody fix this problem, the number of elderly will continue to increase while working age band will keep decrease until the elderly will not have a people from working age band to support them like the law in Singapore government. Hence, I think government should take an action to solve this problem.

governance: government
toil: exertion/travail
exert: put into strenuous action
pressure: oppression
tax: duty

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