Monday, 9 March 2015

Family ejected from Cathay Pacific flight after Chinese boy, 3, refuses to wear his seat belt.


A family who boarded the flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong were being sent out of the plane due to their three year old son who did not want to fasten his seat belt. Before the plane start to take off , the air attendants asked him to put on his seat belt however he did not want . His parents, who did not cooperate told the air attendants that the boy will seat on their lap. Due to safety and their policy, all passengers are to put on their seat belt . Thus, in order to not stir and argument and to obey their policy, the captain eject the family out of the plane.


I feel that what the air plane staff did was the right thing. In order to ensure all the passengers safety and to obey their policy , the not cooperating family should be ejected out of the plane. If the air attendants are to allow this family to board the flight , an accident may happen, The air attendant have the full choice of allowing the passengers to board the plane.

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