Monday, 17 November 2014

Baby tech: by Brian

 A baby boom in gadget sales ,but as the amount of tech-for-tots grows, parents should think twice about opening their purses as a baby to your smartphone, in fact, a step too far.The makers of one wearable - currently taking pre-orders from US customers - is offering exactly that scenario.The Owlet Smart Sock is a small device designed to be worn around the foot of an infant, which sends the data it gathers to an associated mobile app.The Salt Lake City-based firm behind the project, Owlet Care, says it will monitor the baby's:

  • heart rate
  • oxygen levels
  • position
  • sleep patterns
  • skin temperatureIt takes similar readings to Owlet's product, beaming the results to concerned parents via Bluetooth and wi-fi..Hi-tech purchases like these come with a substantial price tag - Mimo's starter-kit costs $199 (£119),And there are some who are concerned such manufacturers are playing on parental paranoia.The Owlet Smart Sock sends details of the baby's vitals to a smartphone app. it's easy to see why entrepreneurs are attracted to the sector.

  • In my opinion, this may happen in the furture . as now we are in the 21 century world. this might not be accurate .

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