Sunday, 19 January 2014

Rage, Rap and Revolution: Inside the Arab Youth Quake

Identify the aim and method of the Arab Spring protesters

The aims of the Arab Spring protesters are to show their fury ,due to the hardship and maltreatment that they are receiving, to the leaders of the country.Protesters' primary aim goal is democracy.They use advanced ways such as the internet and Facebook.This enables them to spread the awareness of Arab Spring and its corrupted leaders to the world and gain support from the world.

Do you think that the Arab Youth were right in taking to the streets to ask for change?

Yes. The Arab Youth spreading the news of revolution and their corrupted government through advanced tools such as the internet enabled them to gain more support from the world. I feel that without the Arab Youths’ actions, the people’s disappointment would not have been shown and with them taking this matter to the streets, the changes that the governments was possible.

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