Sunday, 19 January 2014

More families having reunion dinner at hawker centres

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With the Chinese Lunar New Year coming up in a few weeks, many Singaporeans have turned to alternative venues to celebrate their reunion dinner. Reunion dinner has always been celebrated either at home or at restaurants, the new addition is the hawker centres. Many Singaporeans feel uncomfortable to celebrate in a restaurant as they feel pressurized and are unable to enjoy themselves. Thus have decided to go for the hawker centres instead of the hassle of cooking and cleaning up dishes at home. Hawker centres have a variety of food with wide choices that people need not follow like in a restaurant, and can have free choices. It is also more affordable than restaurants and Singaporeans can easily get their favourite dishes. Hawker centre stalls are earning more due to people ordering dishes from them.


I feel that it is a fresh idea to celebrate the reunion dinner in a hawker centre. With the wide variety of local dishes and prices that no one can complain about unlike in a restaurant, I would definitely like to try having it in a hawker centre. However, celebrating such an important dinner in a place filled with strangers would be uncomfortable too. Like one of the interviewed Singaporeans, I do not feel the same comfort and enjoyment celebrating outside. I would prefer to celebrate at my Grandmother's house as everyone gets to come together to enjoy her cooking and clean up as a family. This is what I believe reunion dinner is about.

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