Thursday, 3 November 2016

Internet shaming gone to far?


Justine Sacco, senior director of corporate communications at IAC thought it would have been funny to make a racist comment on Africa. Justine was going to Cape Town, a city in south Africa. Before the took off, she decide to tweet out a racist commend about getting AIDS because she was going to Africa and decide to make a joke that she will not get it as she is white. Over the course of the 11 hour flight, hate comment flooded her twitter and she even became a twitter trend with a hashtag about her. When Justine landed at the Cape Town airport, she was surprised on the amount of notifications on her phone popping out from her friends trying to reach her to help her to news she was unaware of. When she realised that her twitter was filled with hate comments, she tried apologising and even deleted her account. People even waited for her at the airport to take photo of her telling everyone that she had landed. She was fired from her job and gained hate from many because of one racist comment.


I agree with the haters on the fact that the comment was very racist and that Justine should have think about what she had posted such a comment on twitter. Even though she may only have 130 followers, anything on the internet can go viral in a matter of seconds and that even though she was making a joke, others can be offended easily by a small joke.



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