Monday, 10 February 2014

Serge Amisi

Read more about him here.


Serge Amisi is teenager who was forced to become a child soldier and to fight in wars. He was a puppet, fighting for a war he did not know why. When he stopped being a solider, he was initially lost and could not fit into civilian life until he found his talent as an artist. At the age of 25 now, he uses puppets to dance, makes sculptures and writes.


I believe Serge Amisi is a really amazing. At the age of maybe 10, he was taken away from his family, was taught of the discipline of being a soldier and fought in wars. A normal child would not go through this and if it were a normal child, I think that child would have already faded away from society and would be unable to merge with civilian life. However Serge Amisi was resilient and found his passion and talents, allowing him to interact and merge with society. I hope everyone would follow him and find what they do best at and make the best of it.

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